Cenuvo: Timeless industrial outlook within your walls!


Concrete kitchens

Concrete surfaces in the kitchen are getting more and more popular. Thanks to a special technique, a component can be produced and built into your kitchen with a significant loss of weight. The components which are thicker than 2 centimeters can be used as counter top as well. The special wad guarantees the pieces to be waterproof and protects the stains. Contact us and we will prepare your kitchen plan!




Concrete tables

It’s more than just a furniture on 4 legs. With the help of a concrete table, you can create a unique design in your home. It can be a dining table, garden table or a desk made of concrete, it’s much more special.The components are available from 2 centimeters. They are waterproof for both inside and outside areas.


Bars and Restaurants

Make sure that your restaurant or bar has the perfect industrial outlook. It can be a bar, table or wooden surface, with the help of the components of Cenuvo, you can create a unique and different atmosphere. We gladly create a matching plan for your gastronomy.




Concrete floors

The concrete floors are multi-faceted and more people choose it in their homes. It¹s really popular for corridors and kitchens because it gives an extraordinary outlook. For all the components underfloor heating is available. Colours: grey, light grey and white.